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a fresh

As a Strategic Sparring Partner, Coach & Mentor, I help management boards and MTs in strengthening their right to exist, increasing leadership, expanding their business, strengthening strategy and increasing impact. Both internally and externally.

I work exclusively for and with people and organizations who work from their passion and purpose.

I see that many boards, CEOs, MT’s and entrepreneurs are struggling with how they can get a better grip on (the growth of) the organization in order to realize it as smoothly and successfully as possible and in this way to have an even greater impact on society.

My customer is an expert in his or her field. That does not automatically mean that you have strategy, communication and marketing in your toolbox. That requires a different way of thinking, which is a profession in itself.

Do the following questions pass by you?
* How do I ensure that we remain relevant in a rapidly changing market?
* What developments are happening worldwide and how can we anticipate and respond to them?
* What does your total playing field look like, which stakeholders should we take into account?
* What is the growth potential of our organization?
* What is our dot on the horizon and how do I realize these ambitions?
* How do I ensure that my company can also handle rapid turnover growth?

Different perspectives come with different possibilities. I am convinced that there are many more possibilities to develop your right to exist into a sustainable company and successful business model.

As an expert in strategic marketing, goal and business development and corporate social responsibility, I have helped many organizations to successfully develop and implement their business within the organization. From SMEs to governments, from NGOs to sports clubs and unions such as the KNVB; I help you realize your issue & ambitions.

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I am:


I see and I create possibilities that extend beyond the here-and-now. I am an innovative leader who, from an independent role, translates vision into reality.


I am always honest about what I think is necessary to get people and the organization moving (again). I am decisive and result-driven.


I build things that are not there yet. From strong people, to strong brands, to strong (business) concepts, to strong organizations.

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I create:



Without movement there is no progress. Only, what is needed to change location, position or attitude? Where are we now and where should we go? What does the entire context look like?



We look at the organization from a different perspective. We look ahead – while being in control. We make important alliances internally and externally to help us move forward.



An authentic culture and strong people enrich the organization. This results into confidence and strength, so that we can lead the organization in the right direction while being full of energy.

I do:

Let's meet (online)

A personal or digital conversation to get to know you and the organization.

Let's talk further

An extensive feedback/analysis and an overall advice for the follow-up when we both see possibilities.

Let's go

Based on the first two steps we'll get started.

Let's connect

Using my network where necessary to be able to add even more knowledge and skills to the issue and/or the organization.

After our first two of three meetings, I’ll have a clear picture of the context of the organization, industry and the main issues. I call this phase “Context & Commitment” and it usually takes place within 6 weeks.

After this first phase, I’ll provide you with advice based on these results. This will be a global advice because each process needs to be customized. Being able to move along and anticipating all movements and changes results into an energetic process in which we will participate together: we are going to change and grow and thus shape your Purpose & Business Roadmap.

My method is always very fundamental. Why would you settle for less? This is a process.
It takes time, costs money, requires commitment and above all ambition to really achieve the growth that you have in mind – because that is what is going to happen.

I can do this by putting you in position. I can do this together with you, or I can do it for you. The process depends on the questions, the size of the organization and the stakeholder environment, the time and effort within the organization and the timeframe.

  • Small Breeez

    To bridge the time gap until a new management is hired, replacement maternity leave, set up a specific concept or coach an CEO to do it him- or herself.

  • Bit Breeez

    Question with a strong pragmatic character and short cycle: introduction of a new strategy, product or market approach. We’ll do it together!

  • Bit More Breeez

    Semi-complex question with 1 or 2 issues in the field of innovation, strategy or change. I'll do it for you and I'll hand it over afterwards.

  • Big Breeez

    Complex interim assignments with multi-organization issues. I'll do it for you.

I believe:

Breeez stands for a fresh breeze of air. Not just having to do it on your own for a while. The logo is a kite: driven by energy, from a helicopter view and yet in control so you'll be able to steer or adjust or anticipate on what is to come. I believe in the power of people – in their own strength. I also believe that everyone – every organization and every person –sometimes can use a little help.

I believe that there are still many opportunities when you consciously get to work with your purpose and business. I am convinced that there are many more options for developing a purpose into a sustainable business. When you are aware of this and let yourself and your organization be guided in this, together we can make the world of tomorrow a little bit warmer, more beautiful and more united.


A subtle change in thinking and doing can make all the difference.


By looking at who you really are as an organization, which people play a role in it, where you are now and where you would like to go, I can map out the route and together we will reach your spot on the horizon.


No one can do everything. Together you make a difference.

I got to know Myrte when I worked at PEC Zwolle. Through working together on various projects she successfully initiated, I have received a lot of appreciation for the way in which Myrte does her work. Her unrestrained enthusiasm and dedication combined with her business knowledge means that I still make use of her knowledge and skills. Myrte is very professional and able to guide companies, municipalities and/or individuals in the right direction in terms of giving feedback, determining strategy and/or communication tips. Link: personal video testimonial on LinkedIn!

Art Langeler

Director of Football Development KNVB

When you are faced with many challenges in a team and are undergoing changes, you would like to discuss this with each other. Myrte is able to facilitate and guide "a good conversation". For such a Pronounced Session (product Breeez and Linda van Egmond) you need a considerable amount of soft skills as well as knowledge. I am very grateful for the inspiration offered and the listening ear, well done!

Natale Valente

Head of BDO Advice

It is your candid attitude and outreach method that make working with you special. In conversation, you have an open mind and you listen genuinely and appreciably, but you don't avoid confrontations. As you live up to what you say and because you have your heart in the right place, you can achieve a lot. You don't take over, but a bond based on mutual trust is created, so that people assume that what you say is correct. As a result, they (will) also find that something must be done and then they do so themselves. That extra step really makes the difference.


Employee Social Neighborhood Team Zwolle

Myrte appears to have an empathic capacity for the target group and a large network that she uses with great enthusiasm for the candidates to promote Social Participation. She currently offers support to a fair number of candidates from the municipality of Zwolle in finding and retaining a work experience placement. Thanks to the many contacts she has with the Small and Medium Business and other organizations and foundations, this has resulted in many great matches. This allows the candidates to develop and promotes their reintegration. Through her approach, she promotes the participation of candidates with problems in multiple areas of life and thus fits in with the vision "everyone counts."

Ineke Westerink

Employers point Municipality of Zwolle (until 01-01-2017)

From the iLab we have engaged Myrte to clearly state our proposition. This has enabled us to create a strong and recognizable identity in the Zwolle region.

Roy van Enkhuijzen

Business Developer iLab (until 01-04-2016)

After a successful period of construction at Pontifexx, I ended up in a sort of routine. I had to be the manager instead of being an entrepreneur. Through a mutual relationship I was advised to contact Myrte. The Drafting Table Session acted as a mirror. It turned out that even though I had it all figured out I was still restless. The presence of my wife added an extra dimension. She looks at my development from her own perspective. An important outcome of the Drafting Table Session is that I get a lot of energy from making business plans and the start-up of those plans; building castles in the air is not what I do. A somewhat confrontational insight is that, as an entrepreneur, I don't have to participate in every plan. Participation in the shares of an organization involves obligations that cost me too much energy. I have abandoned my own credo that 10 x 10% shares in companies is also 100% shareholder. It has brought me confirmation of what is important to me and additional insight to make choices. In addition, the outcome gives me input for a multi-year plan: in combination with my own profession, I can work towards a bright future step by step. Here too I like to use the expertise of Myrte and she stands next too me while I take the steps necessary for this.

Arjan ten Have

Owner Pontifexx en multi-entrepreneur

Myrte gets to the core quickly! I've witnessed her doing the Drafting Table Sessions and saw how she gets a clear view of the possible future for a company within no time. She's focused on the entrepreneur's demand. Also, she's sharp, analytical, thorough and focused on the atmosphere in which she works, making all of the things mentioned above possible. What's more, she's just a genuinely pleasant person!

Linda van Egmond

Owner TOT and fellow entrepreneur

More than two years ago we launched the name Van Swoll Makelaars. Due to circumstances, we had done very little publicity for our new name and logo. At one point it felt good for us to fully and structurally get started with a professional party. On the advice of an acquaintance (also a former client of Myrte) I came into contact with Breeez. The biggest question was: how can we reach a certain level of turnover and continue this level in the coming years? Thanks to the drafting table session it became clear what we do NOT want and that is why it has become very clear what we DO want. What I really like is that it is/has become clear which target group suits me best. Moreover, in the follow-up process we will look at how we can best reach that target group. Plus I got insight into who I am, why I do what I do and what can still be improved. It has given me more peace. I know that I am on the right track and with some help I can get where I want to go.

Ruud Gort

Director van Swoll Makelaardij

During the photo shoot for Myrte's new website I immediately felt a connection. When I noticed that I wanted more challenge in my work, I instantly knew that Myrte was the right person for me to help me with this. My issue was very general, but at our first appointment she immediately surprised me and made me think. Also the drafting table session made a lot of things clear. Full of energy, I immediately started working on my new project! It's great to see how Myrte got my energy flowing again and that my new project fits in perfectly with the company I already have. The project is a great addition as well as the challenge that I was looking for. If you are looking for someone who not only hears what you say but also hears what you don’t say, then Myrte is the right person for you!

Leonie van der Locht - Huijbers

Owner MUPH Branding Photography & The Bigger Picture

Through a mutual business relationship, I came in contact with Myrte at the end of 2016. We immediately connected with each other and I noticed that Myrte empathizes with others. In other words, she's a real people person. She's also sincere, a good listener, trustworthy and knows how to say the right things, plus she's also doing something with it. And she lets the person opposite her actively think along. I myself have been an entrepreneur for 3 years and am looking for what I really stand for just as long. Because Myrte was able to ask the right questions, she got answers from me that made me realize which direction I should go. This has given me more focus and now I can keep myself busy with what I'm really good at. Thank you for your coaching and advice Myrte, we will certainly work together again and I will certainly recommend you to other entrepreneurs.

Liesbeth Kasperink


Myrte has put me on the road again. Even after 22 years as a self-employed person, I received a huge boost after working with Myrte for only a few months. Being businesslike as well as emotional is what makes her so special. And it makes her extra strong. Moreover, she has extensive marketing knowledge. All in all, working with her is a great opportunity to become more successful.

Wilco Boksebeld

Director Bladgoud Tuinen